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Scott Govitz

With a population of just over 1,000 individuals, Beaverton, Michigan has had its fair share of those with an interesting story to tell.

Join Beaverton resident and host Scott Govitz, as he interviews a variety individuals in Fireplace Talks. It’s a free flowing conversation with those connected to Beaverton, Michigan who have had a play on the national or state scene, or who have played a significant role in local history.

Past Shows

Top Ten Students- BHS Class of 2020

Benjamin Minkina | Marc Snooks Jr | Delaney Johnston | Elijah Hayes | Margaret MacLean | David Krohn | Ashley Cooper | Grant Brandon | Rachel Barcia | Dalton Edmonds
Aired May 17th 2020

Howe Racing Enterprises

Join us for a conversation with owners of Howe Racing and Hear about the history of racing legend Ed Howe and the significance of Howe Rasing Enterprises on the racing industry.
Aired May 15th 2020

Greg Abbas – A-Way Hunting Products

Join a conversation with Greg Abbas of A-Way Hunting Products and hear about his career in the outdoor industry and his treasure hunting hobby.
Aired May 10th 2020

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